What are my NEXT STEPS with God?

Congratulations! You have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior. This is the greatest, wisest, best decision you have ever made. Now, what happens? The next seven days can be the most important week of your life.

Just what has happened to you? That’s a good question and an important one. Knowing what happened and what it means will help you for the rest of your Christian life. It happened in a church, in your home, or somewhere else. Someone helped you or perhaps you were by yourself. You felt a need, learned that Jesus could help you, and you asked Him to come into your life. Now what does that mean, and where do you go from here?

Attend Church Regularly

If you take live coal from a fireplace and put it by itself, it will soon go out. In the same way, Christians need the encouragement of other Christians. Hearing the word of God, praying with others, singing together, and building relationships with other Christians – these things will help you grow in your faith. Find a church home, we would welcome you to join us at Grace Point.

Read The Bible

Get in the habit of reading the Bible every day. Start toady so that you may begin right away experiencing “His very great and precious promises,” so that through them you may experience Jesus’ divine nature and grow in a life-transforming relationship with Him.

If you need a Bible, we have them available at the church, or you can download a digital version.

Talk To God
Talk To God

Prayer is a conversation between you and God. Talk to Him, and let Him talk to you. Make time every day to pray.

If you are using a Bible study, pray before you begin each study. Ask the Holy Spirit to tutor your heart and guide you in all truth. Something like this: “Holy Spirit (or God) please reveal the truth of the Bible to me so that I may apply it to my life. I am expecting to learn from You, Amen.”

Get Baptized

Jesus instructs us to be baptized in water. This is also an outward expression and testimony of your faith. If you’re interested in signing up to be baptized at Grace Point, click the button below:


It takes tons of volunteers every week to make church happen. You can use the gifts you have to help others find the hope and joy you found yourself. We need your help creating environments for people to experience God and give back to our community.

Join a Connect Group

It is important that you interact with other Christians and share your journey. A fruit tree that stands alone will struggle to bear fruit (no bees to pollinate). Experiencing Jesus together is similar to the “cross-pollination that occurs in an orchard resulting in much healthy fruit! God designed us to grow in the context of community. There is nothing like having some friends to encourage you as you pursue your faith together.